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Welcome to Kusmack Edits!

This is the home to all of my graphics, videos, and much more! I have progressed to the point that I would like to share my work with all of you to enjoy. Please explore my site and browse my work, I will continue working on this website until it is fully functional. Please be patient as I finish my site and upload my work. Thank you, enjoy.

xKusmack YouTube Link

Kusmack Edits

Biography of xKusmack

I am 19 years old currently and have been working with adobe products for the better side of a year now with many of my works being used for the past clan Corrupt Thiefs Gaming! I work for myself now doing Call of Duty montage videos, creating designs for websites, logos, YouTube intros and much more. I have yet to learn more and hope that you will support me as I grow. Some YouTube channels I work for include Leopard ProBuilds and B-Rad Music, and I have even done some work for the famous A.P.E. Tangy who is with the A.P.E. (All People Envy) clan.

What I do

I do all of the following type of work (please be aware that not all may be listed here)




-Channel Art



-Website Design-





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